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Quality Pocket and Folding Knives in Australia

At Classic Pocketknives, we not only sell pocketknives, we are knife buyers and owners as well. In fact, we love pocketknives, they’re easily kept in your pocket, they’re readily available to you, but they’re also something to be appreciated.

We like knives that look good, feel good and have quality built into them, so cheap knives don’t find a place in our store.

French knives from the Laguiole region have been a specialty for us, we set about finding the best French knives that have the build quality, beauty and traditions that we so appreciate, and we had to go to France to find them. Forge de Laguiole, Claude Dozorme, Chambriard, Laguiole en Aubrac brands famous throughout France.

Our German knives were selected in the same way, we went to Germany, explored many knife shops and chose from the best ones for our store, high quality Solingen made knives with that same need for build quality, beauty and tradition, we chose knives from Boker, Puma and Hartkopf Solingen.

The same can be said for our Italian knives, Consigli and Fox Knives.We want to own knives that will last a lifetime and we think it’s o.k. to own several knives from which to choose. When you buy one of our knives you can be sure that we only sell knives that we would be proud to own ourselves

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