Solid Horn Tip

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Laguiole en Aubrac Regional Series.

PRADEL pocket knife.

Model PRA99GE

Overall length: 19cm

Blade length: 9.5cm

Handle material: Juniper wood

Made in France.

The Pradel knives trace their history from 1850 to 1960 when it was sold after 4 generations of Pradel owners. Originally based on a single blade Sheffield knife, ‘Pradel’ was a hugely respected knife makers. It was made in Thiers, France but sold mainly through Brittany and Normandy. The knife had several trade stamps most often an anchor design. Since the company sold in 1960 it moved into foreign ownership and has all but disappeared. While made in Thiers it is more commonly associated with Brittany / Normandy.

Also available in Solid Horn handle.


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