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This knife with a slender shape and curved handle is derived from ancient models used by the
shepherds of Abruzzo. Its adoption into the range of knives manufactured at Scarperia (where the particular shape of the handle has given it the name of “gobbo” or hunch-back) dates back to the end
of the Nineteenth century and took place without any obvious changes with respect to the original type, fitted with a single spring and horn handle all in one piece. This model is made in horn tip.

Fewer knife makers continue to use the tip of the horn given the complexity needed to work with solid horn, which requires considerable time and expert craftsmanship. Thus solid horn is exclusively reserved for the creation of knives of high value and worth. The quality of workmanship and finish of these knives is remarkable and quite exquisite.

Regional knives are artisan knives that recall the most characteristic

Italian production, often linked to diverse customs, such as fishing, hunting or farming, but with one thing in common – an intensive use of what was once an indispensable tool.

Equipped with a spring friction locking blade, with a handle in solid horn tip, it is particularly strong and appreciated for a wide range of purposes.

The fully sprung blade holds open firmly without a locking mechanism.

Highest quality steel this knife is exceptionally sharp straight out of the box.

The handle made from horn tip is used exclusively for the creation of knives of high value and worth.

A soft-fabric draw string pouch is included.
In the picture: handle is solid horn tip.

Handles vary in colour from light to caramel through black.

Also comes presented in an attractive presentation box.

9 cm blade made of INOX stainless steel.

Length opened 20 cm.

Manufactured in Italy. 

The production of regional knives in Scarperia has very ancient roots; the wide production of ‘cutting irons’ – the ancient name for all cutting tools, in the centre of Mugello included numerous models of pocket knives destined for different areas of Italy outside Tuscany and which, for this very reason, followed the traditions of those areas.

In time the regional knife acquired a new symbolic and conceptual value,a link to the land and to the close following of traditions. This is why the processes linked both to the production of regional knives and the materials used have become increasingly sophisticated and valuable.

What has never changed is the method, which to this day still follows the Fifteenth and Sixteenth century master knife-makers.

Consequently the knives are produced by hand by skilled artisans, finely finished one step at a time in every little detail and finally decorated with painstaking engravings and noble materials.


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