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One of the best ways to enjoy your pocket knife is to use it for picnics.

There are a whole range of different styles of picnic from the extravagant to the simple. Extravagant picnics need a good deal of preparation and thought, whereas simple picnics can be thrown together in a few minutes.

Picnics can be hot or cold and some examples of simple picnics are given further down the page.

Which knife makes a good picnic knife?

An important feature when selecting a picnic knife is the style and size of the blade. If you need to cut bread a longer blade can be better, the Laguiole knife is particularly good for this purpose as they feature large blades, 11 or 12cm is a good length. A broad spear point blade is also an effective blade style, particularly for spreading soft cheese etc, these often feature as the main blade of a Swiss Army knife.

Here are a couple of suggested simple picnic combinations?

Cold – Ingredients and method for a cheese platter:

Bread of your choice, often firm loaves or rolls such as pane de casa are easier to cut or a heavy sourdough fruit bread. Cheese of your choice, a soft cheese such as brie or a firm cheese such as cheddar. Something sweet, such as grapes or perhaps a fig or quince paste. Nuts walnuts are particularly good with this combination.

Simply slice some bread and cheese, spread some quince paste for sweetness on the bread, place cheese on the bread and eat with grapes and nuts as an accompaniment.

Warm– To prepare something warm will require something to cook on. A simple camp stove and small frying pan can do the task well. Even simpler is a disposable barbeque tray, the type usually sold in supermarkets or hardware stores that have an aluminum foil tray with heat beads under a wire rack. You can use one of these and not have to worry about pots pans and stoves. Soup is another option kept warm in a thermos flask.

Ingredients/method for tomato bruschette:

First light the barbeque as it will need about 20 minutes to settle. Once hot, lay some small whole cherry tomatoes on the rack, slice some bread and place

these on the rack to toast. These little cookers are very good for toasting. Turn the bread over to toast both sides. Once toasted sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar, preferably the thickened style, on the bread, place tomatoes on the bread and cut them in halves. You might like to add some chopped red onion or basil for additional flavour. Season with salt and pepper.

Method for mushroom bruschette:

This recipe is the same as the tomato bruschette the only difference is in the preparation of the mushrooms. Use large field mushrooms from the markets and as the cooker heats up prepare a marinade/baste. The marinade is a simple mixture of olive oil, salt and pepper, chopped parsley and a touch of chili. Us a brush to coat the mushrooms in the oil mixture and continue to baste the mushrooms as they cook. Once they are cooked through slice the mushrooms and place them on the toasted bread.

Ingredients and method for sausage sizzle:

Light the cooker and let the beads form a white coating that shows their optimum heat. Use sausages that have been refrigerated and place them directly on the rack, turn them as necessary, once cooked place them in soft bread from a sliced white loaf and add tomato sauce.

Remember to dispose of the little cooker by dousing it with water as it will keep burning for some time.