Knives Made in Italy

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FOX Cutlery was founded in 1977 by Frati Oreste, after a wealth of experience in production and sales. The company has become appreciated for their brilliant ideas, the research of new materials and application of new technologies. The company is registered by NATO as an official supplier. From January 2009 FOX Cutlery opened an office in the U.S. FOX Knives USA to meet the demands of U.S. customers and to cater for one of the most important markets in the world.

For generations, the Consigli family has been leveraging its passion and expertise to produce high-quality traditional Tuscan pocketknives and cutlery, using the same forging techniques that the master knifemakers of Scarperia have been refining since the 14th century.

Fifty years have now passed since the Consigli brothers opened their first premises.

When holding a Consigli knife, it is easy – for the expert and the layperson alike – to appreciate the clean lines, the painstaking finish and the warmth of the natural materials. Opening and closing the blade, one comes to realize the precision and fluidity of the mechanism, and, on closer inspection, one makes out the almost imperceptible imperfections that highlight the authentic, hand-crafted nature of the knife.

One’s eye is drawn to the signature, (the pride of every true artisan), to the guarantee of reliability and to the symbol with which the Consigli brothers like to adorn their creations.

Along with the sun, the comet is the astronomical symbol par excellence. It was used time and again in ancient graffiti and on coins, and was rediscovered centuries later by renaissance cutlers. Indeed, in accordance with the Statute of 1630, since that time all knifemakers in Scarperia have had to use their own version of the comet symbol. Consigli’s comet has undergone a natural evolution over the decades. The latest redesign, dating from 2004, evokes luminosity and dynamism, appearing like an imaginary bridge between the drive to conserve traditional ideals and the drive towards the future.


Tecnocut was founded in 1987 and started right from the beginning with the manufacture of sporting knives under the brand Viper. Since that day their mission has been to shape high quality products by combining advanced technology manufacturing processes with crafting tradition and skills after 25 years this is still mission for passionate people.