Classic Pocketknives

Knives: A Great Gift Idea  

Knives of all types make a wonderful gift idea. Whether you need to give a wedding present, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Best man, Groomsmen or other gift, a good knife will cause you to be remembered every time the gift is used. And, knives are gifts that will be used often.

For birthday, Christmas or a special occasion where you wish to give a person something special, consider a top quality pocket knife for a gift idea. Both ladies and gentlemen can enjoy a pocket knife; they come in very handy at the most unusual times. Whether a package needs to be opened or a steak cut, a quality pocket knife with a sharp edge will do the job. Pocket knives can be found in sizes from quite large to very, very small.

Hunting and fishing knives could be your selection if the recipient is an outdoors’ enthusiast. Fillet knives, sharp skinning knives, handy knives for rigging tackle and large pocket knives make wonderful gifts for this type of person.

Overseas or Interstate Gifts

Some of our customers have requested we send a knife to an alternative address as a gift. We then send the reciept back to the buyer seperately and if requested, can gift wrap the knife for you. This cuts down on the postage cost because we can ship direct to the receiver of the gift.

What Size to Choose?

As a general rule a 9cm knife fits snuggly in a pocket or bag.

An 11cm knife fits all hands, whereas a 12cm knife is more suited to a man’s hand.

Remember this is only a guide, a larger knife may be more suited for a picnic cheese knife for example.


There is a folk lore superstition regarding the giving of a knife as a gift. If the knife is given to a friend, money must be exchanged as well. It is considered very bad luck to give someone a knife without exchanging money or the friendship will be cut by the knife. Because of this superstition, it is common that the gift of a knife will be given along with a coin in the box with the knife so that the recipient can give back the coin, thereby saving the friendship from being severed by the giving of the sharp blade. The exact background of this superstition is unclear but, even today most people will include a coin with the gift of a knife and request the coin be given back. The apparent view is that it is far better to be safe than sorry.

When choosing a knife for a gift that will be used frequently, select a tempered steel blade and a well-crafted handle that is secured firmly to the knife shank. This will ensure a long lasting gift idea that will be enjoyed for many, many years. As Rolls-Royce once remarked ‘Quality remains long after the price is forgotten’.