Classic Pocketknives: Make your knives more easily accessible and recognisable, easier to reach or find if dropped with this lanyard made from 2mm sportsmans’ cord.

Step 1. Cut a piece of the cord about 60cm or 24 inches in length and use an over-hand knot to secure it to the knife. Now cut a second piece of cord and thread it through the knot hole cutting so that the four ends are the same length.


Step 2. Now it’s important to have the four ‘tails’ pointing out like a star. Then take the two tails from the second cord and turn them over so they point in the opposite direction to their current position, 180 degrees.

By turning over the cord you are making a loop for the tails of the first cord to go through.

Now take the tails of the first cord and through the loops you made in the second cord. Make sure you go across straight and not at an angle.


Step 3. Work the knot nice and tight little by little by pulling gently on each tail, then the two opposing tails at once. Then continue by repeating steps 2 and 3 until you have built up the lanyard.

The final part is probably the most difficult.


Step 4. Build one last knot but do not tighten it, leave it loose because you need to thread the cords back into the final knot. The blue line in the photo illustrates how the knot looked initially, the red line shows how one tail was taken beneath the next tail then up through the centre square.

Step 5.Continue doing this with the other three tails bringing them back and under the preceding tail and then up into and through the centre square. The last one is tricky, you will have to look at the knot to see where the tail you need to pass under is. When finished you should have all four tails sticking up through the square. The longer the tails are the easier this is which is why I suggest allowing more cord to cut off at the end than you need.


Step 6. Tighten up the last knot really well, to do this I find it easier to open up the last knot a little to pull the cord closet the the second last knot. Finally put a dab of super glue on the end to hold it. You can trim the tails or leave them long.

The finished product.