Forge De Laguiole

Laguiole 11cm Single Blade, green staminawood handle knife,

brass bolsters.

ref: 1211ST VE

YOU PAY $159.99



Forge de Laguiole

Laguiole 11cm two piece (blade and corkscrew),

black staminawood handle knife,

brass bolsters.

ref: 22111 ST BLA

YOU PAY $189.99



Laguiole_Origine_GarantieLAGUIOLE ORIGINE GARANTIE was registered as a trademark in 1991 by the association ‘Le Couteau de Laguiole’ to guarantee that it is produced within a specific geographic territory, it guarantees the blade and spring-plates are forged to precise resistance specifications and the production capacity and technical competence of the producer.The trademark Laguiole Originale Garantie stamped on the blade near the handle certifies the knife is made entirely in Laguiole.

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE conducts every step of knife making on site. The factory

forges and quenches each blade.

Each knife takes several hours, sometimes several days, to make. There are more than 40 separate steps in the manufacture of each model.

Every piece is also assembled and finished by hand from start to finish by artisans.