Forge De Laguiole


Rich in depth and variety of colors, horn has been the traditional material used in
the making of Laguiole knives since the 19th Century. FORGE DE LAGUIOLE
mostly select horn tip to fully reveal the figure and the character of the material and
closely match each side of the handle. Black, blond or striped with deep caramel
color, the diversity and beauty of this material is unparalleled. Horn tip is the most extreme part of the horn, the only part which is solid inside. Solid horn is exclusively reserved for the creation of knives of high value and worth.

Laguiole Horn Tip

Laguiole 11cm Horn Tip Single Blade knife 1211B (cream)

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Laguiole Horn Tip

Laguiole 12 cm Single Blade Horn Tip 1212 B (cream)

The same features as the 11cm single blade model

in a slightly larger knife.

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Laguiole 9cm Dark Horn Tip Single Bladeknife

Model 129 BN

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Laguiole 11cm Dark Horn Tip Single Bladeknife

Model 1211 BN

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Laguiole 12cm Dark Horn Tip Single Bladeknife

Model 1212 BN

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le-forge-daubrac (600px)


Aubrac Cow Horn with 11cm Brut de Forge blade 

Model 12110 IN CA BDF

This knife is a stylish and modern reinterpretation of the original folding knife. The fly is geometric and stylized, the spring is smooth, the blade is made of French steel in simple ‘brut de forge’ and the handle is made of Aubrac cow horn. 11 cm folding knife, 1 piece, 2 stainless steel bolsters, handle of Aubrac cow horn, polished T12 steel ‘brut de forge’ blade. Available in a gift box.

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Aubrac full handle forged bee Brut de Forge 600px

All hand made and hand forged.

Brut de Forge 350px

Hand forged ‘Brut de Forge’ blade  

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE forges these blades at 1000 ° C.

These genuine ‘brut de forge’ blades have become very rare.

In order to forge them one needs the expertise of quality blacksmiths.

forged bee Brut de Forge 300px

Hand made and fully forged chiseled ‘bee’,

highly decorative hand patterning along spine.

The bees and spring decoration of this pocket knife is

entirely hand chiseled with the help of a hammer and a file.

Model 1011F IN CA SAT / L11 BDF T12Solid handles are unique. A much higher standard of workmanship goes into
fashioning these knives shaping the solid aubrac cow horn to the
highly decorative finish. The bees and spring decoration of this pocket knife is
entirely hand chiseled with hammer and a file, allowing the cutler to fashion
the very highest level of detail into the bee.
11 cm folding knife, 1 piece, solid handleof Aubrac cow horn,
polished T12 steel ‘brut de forge’ blade.
Available in a gift box.ref: 12110 IN CA BDFYOU PAY $615.45Retail: $675.50

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Laguiole_Origine_GarantieLAGUIOLE ORIGINE GARANTIE was registered as a trademark in 1991 by the association ‘Le Couteau de Laguiole’ to guarantee that it is produced within a specific geographic territory, it guarantees the blade and spring-plates are forged to precise resistance specifications and the production capacity and technical competence of the producer.The trademark Laguiole Originale Garantie stamped on the blade near the handle certifies the knife is made entirely in Laguiole.

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE conducts every step of knife making on site. The factory
forges and quenches each blade.
Each knife takes several hours, sometimes several days, to make. There are more than 40 separate steps in the manufacture of each model.
Every piece is also assembled and finished by hand from start to finish by artisans.